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Pay 10 months get 12 months of access.

Direct download of all the passwords from 2018 upon payment.



Private Page Access Code (2018 Annual Pass)

  • Q1. What is the difference between 2018 Annual Pass and 12-month Access Code?

    A1. 2018 Annual Pass includes access to all the existing contents from 2018. While the 12-month Access Code starts from the current month and ends in 12 months.


    Q2. What comes in your private collection?

    A2. Contents I don't post on social media.


    Q3. How many posts does each month contain?

    A3. Each month contains 25-30 posts.


    Q4. If I purchase the 6-month or 12-month access code, where do I find the new code when the month ends?

    A4. You will receive an email every month with an attachment of the new password.