Dubai - Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa

February 21, 2017

What's so great about a holiday in Dubai? Check out how many fun things you can do here!


First I have to give a thumbs up to Emirates airline.

Free Wifi, food is much better than most airlines, flight attendants are cute ;) and they give you those wet napkins that smell so good! I know these are little things, but little things are what make a great experience.


Ready for the journey?

Let's start from a cup of tea on my terrace. Morning Dubai!

One thing you can't miss when you come to Dubai, is shopping!

Trust me, the malls here are nothing like the ones you see anywhere else, they will totally blow your mind.

First let's check out Mall of the Emirates.

Strongly recommend this French bakery for breakfast, called "the Paul".

When you see how busy it gets, you know you can't be wrong ; )

Omg everything here is so delicious:



Fresh strawberry juice - best way to start the day:

After getting fed, Let's go shopping!

Largest Victoria's Secret I've ever seen:

And, I can't tell you how cute the shop assistant is!

I wanted to take a picture for you guys but didn't want her to think I'm a pervert lol.

I think middle eastern girls can be really gorgeous because they have great features.


Even the fitting room is very pretty:

Although people say Hong Kong is the heaven for shopping, Dubai a whole new level.

You can spend a day in the malls here, there are movie theater, bowling center, video game area, etc.

There is even a fully equipped indoor ski resort here!

A ski resort in the middle of the dessert, impressive.


Seriously, anything you can imagine:

Finish shopping, let's get back to the resort and take a walk around.

What a beautiful day:

This resort sits right on the beach. Of course, you know me, always looking for a beach!

It also has its own pool area. It's massive but you can never get lost here:

Hungry after a swim? Grab a bite by the pool:

Ready to see the room?

Check-in lobby:

Suite with a terrace:


 Look this amazing view from my terrace:

Turn right you will see the Dubai Marina:

Night time is even better!


 The bar downstairs starts to get busy:

Photos by Anna Xiao, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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