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March 5, 2017

I'm writing this blog for you my dear, who haven't got a chance to visit Thailand.

This beautiful country has so much to offer. No matter it's Phuket or Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Koh Samui. We've got the beach, nightlife, culture, villa, massage, and of course my favorite - food! And there is always more to explore.


Ever since Leonardo's movie The Beach (2000), this little island called Phi Phi, has became one of the most popular destinations in Thailand.


And that is where we're going today!


Like all hidden gems, it takes a while to get here. But it's definitely worth it.

Because this is what's waiting for you:


First let's talk about how to get there.

Fly to Phuket, I still prefer to stay for the night and take the morning ferry next day, so it doesn't get too tiring.

Anantara Phuket Villas offers you the most relaxing stopover:

Villa with private pool and garden:

How smart is the design:

The Jacuzzi is surrounded by the pool,  the pool is surrounded by the villa, the villa is surrounded by the garden.

Perfect combination of traditional Thai and modern chic:

Loving the stone turtle:


Everything smells like lemongrass it's so refreshing:

Waking up the next day smell like lemongrass ; )

Now it's time to get ready to take the ferry to Phi Phi Island.

The hotel will arrange a car to take you to the pier:

Cute coffee shop by the pier:

After about an hour ferry ride, we are finally here:

When the clouds block the sky, everything is turning into silver:

The spectacular view makes me want to cry, so beautiful and breathtaking:

Let's go check out our home on the island: Zeavola Resort & Spa


See the map?


Phi Phi Island offers many hotel options.

Most of them are located in the south, where is close to downtown and all the bays you go to for sightseeing. You can find cheaper options for backpackers and some luxury villas at all price range. The downside is it can get pretty crowded at peak season. When you come all the way to see exotic beautiful scenery, you don't want to be showing up at a beach and it's packed with people,


If you are looking for something more relaxing and private, or a romantic holiday with your loved ones, the north is your best choice.

Located on the north side of the island, Zeavola Resort & Spa offers you the getaway you've been longing for..


Slide the door open:

This is what you will see:

Private beach at doorstep. There is no one can bother you ; )

This is all I need right now:

Blue sky and palm trees:

One side is the ocean, while the other side is the jungle:

The descent space between villas gives you all the privacy you need.

A coconut a day, keeps the doctor away ; )

One thing I do have to warn you guys though - there are sooo many mosquitos!

Even the resort provide sprays but, I still strongly recommend you bring all types of mosquito repellent you can get.

Because I think there are a million species of mosquitos here, and they are all 10 times wilder than the city ones, so be prepared!

Pick a sunny day, let's go sail in the long tail boat!

Long-tail boats parked by the beach, is one of the most iconic scenery here in Koh Phi Phi.

Even though staying in the north makes it harder to go to all the bays for sightseeing, it gives you a good reason to rent a long-tail boat for the day and enjoy the magical fun ride.

Because this is what you will see along the way!

There are local Thai people provide long tailboats for rent near the resort, it's like a taxi stand.

Their English is not perfect but they can definitely understand you. So try to bargain with them.

I was able to get a boat for a full day tour at only 100 USD. Which means they take you to wherever you want to and wait for you whenever you want to stop, you can do snorketling or stop at any bay you want to take a closer look at, or even bring some snacks with you for a boat picnic!


Among all the choices, Maya Bay is definetly on top of the list.

It's also where the movie "The Beach" was shot.

And, it's pretty difficult to get in.

You can only get this close to Maya with long-tail boad, then you have to hike, or more precisely, climb?

This is what's going to happen next:

Forget about your phone and wallet, or even camera, just try your best to get yourself there lol.

Or if you insist, one option is to seal your stuff in a waterproof bag and tie it onto your body.

My Canon 5D Mark III ? I'm not going to risk that.


So no pictures of Maya for you guys sorry, now you really have to go see it yourself ; )


Koh Phi Phi in the dawn:

No life guard on duty? No life guard needed ; )





Want to see how Phi Phi Island looked like 17 years ago?

Go check out Leonardo's movie "The Beach".


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