Switzerland - Zurich

May 31, 2017

Welcome to Zurich!

As the world's the best city to live in with the highest quality of life, according to recently studies. It is also a perfect place to visit.

While most people know its reputation as a modern banking center, you will be surprised to discover the historical charms of its extensive Old Town among the largest in Switzerland and the glamour of the modern shopping streets.

First let's take a walk along the beautiful river Limmat.


The Grossmünster ("great minster"), it is one of the major churches in the city.


St. Peterskirche:

St. Peter's Church is the only baroque church in the city. The clock on the tower is the largest in Europe and the dial has a diameter of 8.7 metres. There are also five bells in the tower dating back to 1880.


The Grossmünster, St. Peterskirche and the Limmat river under the blue sky:


It is delightful to wander in this large pedestrian zone that is filled with enchanting little alleys with lead through an ancient town that was founded during the Middle Ages.




You will always see there is a number on top of the architecture here in Zurich, like this wooden door:

 It means this building is built in 1621:

Because of Switzerland's neutrality during World War II, most of the the historical buildings are still in good conditions:






Breathtaking sunset on the lake Zurich:

After the beautiful sceneries let's go check out the most famous chocolate shop in Switzerland: Confiserie Sprüngli








The golden Macarons:

Photos by Anna Xiao. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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